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The name kyndo is derived from the old Norse word ‘kyn’ for family and the Japanese martial art Kendō, which means ‘the way of the sword’. Kyndō or ‘the way of kyn’ is a philosophy of learning and teaching that encourages students to live as conscious global leaders with a shared purpose for elevating humanity.  



Kyn + Co (Kinship + Community) 

Kyndo is an educational community (.co) that is committed to cultivating the spirit of creativity, entrepreneurship and resilience in students whilst upskilling individuals with capacity as change agents in the green economy who create meaningful enterprises that are marketable within the local and global communities, and are industry-relevant.


We work collaboratively with K-12 schools, vocational education and training institutions, universities and adult education providers to develop and leverage student leadership skills, resilience and innovation for sustainable futures. 


We act as a bridge, promoting interdisciplinary research, learning and teaching while fostering multi-stakeholder networks that link industry with education.   



Get to Know Us

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